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WhatsApp Indonesia Blocked, Check Review

NUFAT.ID – The following is a review on how Kominfo threatens to block WhatsApp, which is now a trending topic on Google searches, WhatsApp is blocked by Kominfo.


WhatsApp is blocked by the Communications and Information Technology, this is why, not only WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix to Google all have to register with the State.


“All private electronic system operators, PSE, both pure private and state-owned enterprises must register for PSE to meet our statutory requirements by July 20 at the latest,” said Minister of Communications and Informatics Johnny G. Plate.

“Registration is easy because it is done through OSS or online single submission, so there is no reason for administrative obstacles,” he added.


As a form of obedience to the Government, every digital sector hopes to comply with the Government.


“I do not separate whether this is a global PSE or a local PSE, but private PSEs, both pure private and state-owned enterprises, must register.

Like PeduliLindung, they must also obey the Government and must register as a Public PSE. “Yes, I need to say that PeduliLindung has been registered as a public PSE,” said Johnny.


The implementation of this registration is Government regulation Number 71 of 2019 concerning Electronic System and Transaction Operators, as well as Minister of Communication and Informatics Regulation Number 5 of 2020 concerning Private Scope Electronic System Operators (PSE).


For the registration limit, the deadline for local and foreign PSE Private Scope registration is 20 July 2022.


If you don’t register before the deadline, the government will block platforms that don’t comply with the government.


As quoted from the list of PSE Kominfo pages, major platforms such as Google, Youtube, Meta and their subsidiaries (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp), Twitter, Netflix, to mobile games such as PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends appear to have not been registered.


It’s just a matter of waiting for which PSEs have not registered until the specified time limit, then on July 21, 2022 the Government will block PSEs that have not registered.***